A look at sea island life

Welcome to my notes about living the sea island life here in South Carolina! I’ll share some things about adjusting to the laid-back way of living that’s possible in the coastal lowcountry. I relocated my family here in 2016…two years ago at the time of this writing. That means I know enough to share, but I’m still learning more every day.

I’m sure many people who grew up here may hold a drastically different view of this place. Who knows…my views might evolve drastically between the first and latest post here. I have made quite an adjustment already in the short time I’ve been here. I might still romanticize a bit beyond the reality of daily life here. But that’s part of the reason I moved here…to experience and embrace a life I haven’t known before.

Getting out of the fog and living in the moment

We can all easily take for granted all the beauty and wonder around us, no matter where we live. The grind of daily life tends to distract us from that. For instance…I often forget about the spectacular view from my back deck. When I realize it I have to stop, take it in, and remind myself how blessed I am to live at this place by the sea.

But you don’t need to live here to fall into that trap. Natural beauty exists everywhere in this amazing world if we just take the time to notice it. We often must go somewhere new to snap us out of the fog of daily life to ever notice what’s right in front of us.

Maybe all of us should start by appreciating where we live right now. I don’t intend to paint the Sea Island life as ideal for everyone. It’s not. (If you don’t like hot, humid summers and don’t deal well with insects, perhaps you’ll consider a visit here, but not a relocation.) But the natural beauty here of the landscape, the wildlife, and the people make me glad I now call this place home. I hope to be just one voice of many, all touting the wonder of the places they live.

We should all have plenty to share about where we live, shouldn’t we? If you don’t, maybe you’re in that fog of the daily grind and you don’t even realize it. I’m not a Buddhist, but I believe we can all benefit from what they know about living in the moment.

If you’ve read this far, why not share something great about where you live in the comments?

(Feature photo by author, who doesn’t deserve that kind of view while working.)

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